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FLOAT IT FORWARD! – What is it?

From its inception, one of our primary goals at Midwest Float has been to give back to our community through various programs including the arts, culinary and other charitable works. We are particularly proud of our motivation and passion for reaching our veteran population. Midwest Float is excited to offer a ‘pay it forward’ program for both our active and veteran service men and women through a collaboration with the Military Veteran Project Partnership. The ‘Float it Forward’ program aims to help veterans discover floating as one of many tools that can offer some measure of relief from the varied symptoms and effects of PTSD as well as relaxation for both mind and body.

FLOAT IT FORWARD! – How To Get Involved…

You could change the life of a veteran!! Our #FLOATITFORWARD program provides any floater the opportunity to give back by donating into a float fund. Also, those who have a Float membership can opt to have one of their monthly floats automatically donated into the #FLOATITFORWARD fund. No personal identification between giver and receiver will ever occur; this a totally anonymous pay-it-forward model.

To DONATE to the Fund, please see the purchasing options listed above.

Floating could be what you have been looking for!! Active military and veterans can sign up to be notified when new floats are available in the fund. Names for assigning Float It Forward opportunities are chosen randomly, and we’ll give preference to someone who has not had the opportunity to experience floating before over someone who has already floated. In the event that all subscribed fund recipients have floated before, we’ll simply go down the list sequentially based on subscription date. To REQUEST from the #FLOATITFORWARD Fund, please send an email to . If you’re requesting floats from the fund, please also include a very quick summary of your military service (nothing too detailed, just the basics).

Float It Forward!

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