- Cheryl

Awesome experience, you really lose time while floating. Between the epsom detoxing floating and just having 90 whole minutes to not have to do anything, I feel rejuvenated! Thank you for the excellent service.

- Nena

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- Kelly

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Did my first float today. All I can say is that it was AMAZING. I don't know that I have ever been that relaxed in my entire life! WOW!

- Mindy

Wow! I floated 24+ hours ago and still feel relaxed and great! I suffer from chronic pain and this cold weather and moisture does not help, as I floated I could feel the pain going away, and still tonight...I don't feel it. As a whole, I am relaxed and feel this achieves those goals more so then a massage!

Great people with a great service for people. Go check them out!

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2120 SW Brandywine Ln

Suite 110

Topeka, KS 66614


Phone: 785-783-8307

I floated for the first time tonight. It was AMAZING! I have never felt so relaxed, refreshed and stress free. The friendly staff showed me around the place and explained everything I needed to know before the float, which was a huge relied because I was kind of nervous. Midwest Float has everything you need: shampoo, q-tips, ear plugs, facial wipes, flip flops, robes, hair dryer, lotions, etc. You name it, they got it. They even have contact solution and cases. Their towels are huge and soft, and they smell so good! In the comfortable reception area they have hot tea, cold water, granola bars, reading material, chess, and paper and pencils for coloring. With scheduled appointments, there isn't really any wait time. However, I sat down and enjoyed the luxury for a bit after the float. The only problem was - I didn't want to leave the tranquility to drive home. Haha! I loved the whole experience. You should definitely check it out!

After floating at 5 locations for a total of 7 times I can confidently say this is a very well-run facility. The cleanliness, attention to detail, sound-proofing...and much more offers a great environment to let go and let flow.

Floating is near and dear to my heart...My dentist and for whom I was named after - Dr. Kelly Deeter, was part of the original group of local medical professionals (including Menningers) who brought sensory deprivation to Topeka in the 1970s. Due to poor regulations and sanitation issues they went away. But like all good things, it has returned so through great places like @MidwestFloat we can all now experience the tremendous benefits this therapy has to offer. Float on my friends! ~~~


First time floater and it was an amazing experience. The rooms are very clean and inviting and you have everything at your disposal: shampoo, bathrobe, ear plugs, a towel, bath shoes... After your float experience there is an array of teas to choose from and an energy bar. I'm looking forward to my next floats. Thank you for bringing this business to Topeka! 

- James

- Tim

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